What is it about? This is a question I often ask myself. The daily emotions, people, conversations, animal sightings that show up are the answer that help me recognize who I am.  I am not alone. I get to be a part of this amazing human race. The greenest jewel, like the hummingbird, is JOY. I’d like to inspire in you something new, a way to be with your self and others, and to embrace everything that we are: seeds of potential beauty.

All of the craft ideas, recipes, prayers, and daily meditations are ones in which I have incorporated into my life and deepened the living. I hope to share with you something that you too can create, make your own, adopt and pass on and each time you do, another one of your lotus petals will unfold toward the sun for a kiss.

One of the stories that we share in Montessori education is the history of the days of the week. Did you know that January was named after Janus, the two faced god? One face looks towards the future and one looks toward the past. While some of these posts are pieced together from my past experiences, I assure you that I will also share some up and coming ideas that have barely sprouted. Like Janus, I will keep a lookout for any inspiration whether from the past or the future and share with you its “present”.

I turn to my dear friend CC to round out my ideas for she was born with the gift of story telling. Where I might have some good ideas, she is the one that keeps the seeds alive. I asked her to partake on this journey with me because I simply adore who she is, a wonderful mentor and friend. As far as CC is concerned, she has my full license to speak about whatever she pleases. She coined the the nickname Whimmins, which I love as it speaks to our fun side. She represents the mirror that I would like to stare into as my future self.

We have also invited our friend Jill to join and share in the fun. If Mother Theresa wore feathered earrings, had long, flowing grey hair and wore tight jeans..they would resemble each other even more. Jill is a saint in my eyes because she sits behind her prayer of being of service to the world. From helping the new ones in and the old or infirm souls to pass, she walks a sacred path.

The greenest jewel is also the heart. At the center of our chakra system, it is both the literal organ and metaphorical heartbeat that keeps us alive. When it is giving and receiving unconditionally, JOY is constant.

However, I could write a book on the 50 shades of Green, because the heart is a complex unit…perhaps we have to navigate our hatred and sorrow, our greed and our jealously to reveal the jewel at the center. I leave you with my poem:

The Greenest Jewel

She was so sweet when we met,

fragile almost.

How could I have not let her in?

Her beauty embraced me,

and I let it take ownership of my heart.

Her subtle aggression went unnoticed

disguised by a certain friendliness,

an undeniable giving of herself.

Blinded, months passed until

I noticed the crowding

of the other, quieter ones around her.

Upon  realizing that her

one intention was to be the

most loved, the most prominent,

The greenest jewel,

I could not rid her from my life.

My soul becomes

more and more blistered the harder

I try to erase her image.

I must learn how to coincide,

to find my gratitude.

After all,

she is the one that brought me

to the garden of my thoughts.

All photos on actual posts are taken by one of my friends or myself unless otherwise noted.


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