Backyard Haiku’s

Awhile back I accidentally forgot to credit Kahlil Gibran’s words,

And let your best be for your friend
If she must know the ebb of your tide,
Let her know the flood also.
For what is your friend that you should seek her with hours to kill?
Seek her always with hours to live14237602_10154467722208571_7392942750501147330_n.jpg

Another friend thought I had written those words,  which spawned a little Facebook project of writing Haiku’s or American Sentences with photos from my property. Maybe they don’t quite touch the depth of Kahlil, but with all the politics and depressing news, I like to think maybe they will put a smile on at least one person’s face… and so here they are for any of my blog readers as well.14232562_10154473225543571_4846455327820639302_n.jpg
Backyard Haiku #1

Open for the sun’s kiss
I flaunt my beauty, then hide
Mourning dove says, “Coo!”

Backyard haiku #2Lotus flower blooms
Camouflaged enlightenment
Silence until “Croak!”

Backyard Haiku #3What will remain in
the vessel of memory
we built together?

Backyard Haiku #4the weaver of dreams
can only be awoken
by the dawning light

Backyard Haiku #5Touching elements
Leaves, skin, roots kissing Spirit
Winter’s gift of warmth


Backyard Haiku #6chicken of the woods
the fun guy of the forest
never lets us down

(or alternately)

good with mac and cheese


Backyard Haiku #7

Crow cawing nearby:
What mysteries do you sing
from the darkest night?14344182_10154515970848571_4052815148442852895_n.jpg


Backyard Haiku #8
We all began as a thought
Keep your mind open


Backyard Haiku #9

How many dead bees
will it take to awaken
honey in our hearts?14390624_10154526482683571_1624651324141655959_n.jpg

Backyard Haiku #10
What of suffering?
The lotus flower blooms regardless
of murky water

Backyard Haiku #11All of the sudden
You awake and they are there
Road map to your life
Backyard Haiku # 11

The best medicine:
finding a praying mantis
the day of a sweat.

American Sentence#1There is not enough room to speak about this jewel in one sentence.

Backyard Haiku #12Fire is both a strict
and compassionate teacher:
You choose the lesson.

American Sentence #2Like dragonfly wings-the illusion that we’re fragile beings is false.

Backyard Haiku #13The power of love
comes not from standing alone
but as family.

Drunken Backyard American haiku # 1Respect your pussies:
appreciate their purring,
love their uniqueness.


Backyard American Sentence #5

At the very center of love, forgiveness springs wells of gratitude.

Backyard Haiku #14
triple faced goddess
the maiden, mother and crone
we are each of these


Backyard American Sentence #6 and #7
Five o’clock shadow: a blanket of darkness lies upon our tired souls.
But the light continues to return unbeckoned, Love leading the way.

Backyard Haiku #15Let’s follow the lead
of Nature, not of bullies,
Knowing All as One.

Backyard American Sentence #8Deer prints are on the path of my ancestors, the sweetest medicine.


Backyard American Sentence #9

One must look closely upon the starling’s back to see the universe.16999175_10155035754768571_3858640237677181753_n.jpg

Backyard Haiku #16

If they can survive
winter’s sharpest edged knife;
We too shall flourish.

It is the daily miracles that we witness in nature that help us reach our hearts and minds towards the sun. Relish in these. 4 years is a long time. Parts of us are dying much like Mother Earth. But the best parts will continue to return, like the crocus in springtime.

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