Spirit Dolls /At my Table


When there are children starving

and the worst kind of silence

ever heard abounds:
those innocents resigning
themselves to no more tears..
I gather up my harvest
so that I can weep for them.
I taste the juicy peach
and allow it to dribble down my chin
because if I allow for the weight of the world to
fall upon my shoulders, I too shall crumble.
I gather again at my table to fill my chalice with
wine, laughter and yes, forgetting….to balance
the times I am on my knees whispering into Creator’s ears
and begging:
begging to understand how it can be,
how to help, how to change, how to stop, how to grow.
The burden of the truth is at times unbearable.
The great mystery of life, God…loves all Creation
and it has been our free will as humans to destroy it.
We are all guilty.
Through touching wind,
watching stars, feeding fire..
I too know that all is possible.
Through the sharing of the harvest,
through poetry, through generations embracing,
through the mother’s milk, the shaman’s roar,
and the lover’s kiss and within creations of Love,
ALL is possible.
At my humble table,
I have seen prayers so strong
that they awoke the thunder beings.
I have seen a smile returned
to a friend’s face after her mourning.
I have seen the magic of my mother’s food
transform us into twinkling lights.
I’ve heard soft tears, glorious laughter,
song and prayer at my table.
People of different faiths, colors and creed
have joined together here.
And yet, I still can’t reach the hungriest of bellies,
those unloved, those lost and those forgotten.
I can simply continue to love the peaches.
To know how precious the seeds are.
In the very least, I can feed the angels
whose only hunger is for our happiness
with the joy that has had me dancing upon
this very table.
And I can watch the peach tree grow.


For this year’s Imbolc….I dedicated my poem to these times. I’ve been blessed to have yoga and prayer to always fall back on, no matter how stressed, angry or depressed I am feeling. But the beginning of this year was so unnerving with this political climate, that it started affecting me physically….and so I had to search deep within to keep touching the light. Thank the Goddess and her many forms, for the constellation of women friends in my life that bouy me. They were the inspiration for this year’s craft as well. In years past, I have always set the craft table so that each guest can make their own art, but once I started crafting these spirit dolls for the friends I knew would be absent at my table, I became completely obsessed and finished them ALL (except for two) in one day!

I found the faces on Etsy and then glued them to drift wood which I attached together with sinew.


I gave each doll a little lavender breast so they would carry the sweetness.


And then I wood burned each friend’s name and ..is LOVE on the back.IMG_0465.JPG

The rest was done with a little thread and a glue gun. The most important part of this craft though is that while creating these dolls, I thought about each woman and allowed their beauty to inspire me.



This spirit doll and I were wearing matching dresses made by my beautiful friend Karen Flood. I had to trim the bottom off though because when your arms and thighs are basically the same size, it is best to go really short or really long.


No matter the size of your table, I encourage you all to start breaking bread with those you love. It is the most fulfilling of all rituals. No matter the suffering and pain happening all around, within a shared meal, the onions make us cry and the garlic makes us laugh so that we can forget momentarily, or rather Remember…all that is good in the world.



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