Seek those who fan your flame :Rumi

Much like dealing with a hormonally charged woman, I don’t necessarily recommend that everyone play with fire.

The fire, like the woman, sometimes has an insatiable hunger…for the woman, it may be that she is tuning into the immense grief of our Mother Earth.
Her rage and anger may be starving for attention because she was always taught to be nice and not to speak up or ruffle feathers.
But her inner strength is fueled by this extra bit of power and she is communing with the Divine Femine, the gift that enables us to literally Create a Human Being.
And so she realizes that it Is OKAY to be angry, and/or sad for all the grievances of living beings that make up the whole. If one is willing to ask her, she might tell you.
She might begin to feel better by speaking about it. She might even turn her rage into joy through the action of her care taking. Through her remembering of her beautiful
indigenous spirit. She might find that this monthly meditation also lends to incredible energy surge of nesting, building, or creating. You may even decide she is worth
complimenting. And you will see her face begin to illuminate when the compliment is sincere. It does not have to be about her beauty. It can be about her strong hands,
her lyrical voice, or the gratitude you have for the environment that she maintains clean and cozy. It can be the appreciation for the moment she took to be present with your offspring, how she fed them from her breast. Sometimes she is so thoughtful that she knits things for her future offspring , grandchildren or loved ones. You may have to get through her rage to find the light. But if you are willing to do so, you may stop her from getting ill. She is as the Mother Earth is. Take care of her now and appreciate her love and she will not have to become ill so you can see what has been taken for granted. It will not have to come to that .
Just like her, the fire is more of a counter part. I think of the fire as He. He is always hungry as well, without his hunger, without being fed, he will die. What we don’t realize, what we forget however, is that the fire doesn’t have to only be fed with wood, or our forests, or our houses and homes for our four legged and winged beings. The fire can be fed with song, with food, with cedar and tobacco.
I say be wise with Fire. Be cautious, but don’t be afraid to get to know this element as well. We must be respectful of it, and in return it will illuminate the light within us.
It will show us the colors of the angels. It will sing back to us. Take the risk to know that which is wild in nature, but never try and tame it. There are a small breed of humans who can do this, tame the horses, falcons and landscapes. Because they know their secrets. For the rest of us, it is certainly enough just to be alongside the fire. Hopefully it is enough just to know that the last remaining two leggeds that exist solely with what nature provides for them is enough. We don’t have to meet them. They are fine without us.
You never know which ones of us speak this language of fire. We can ask one another. And if you are curious and cautious, have someone introduce you. Of all the teachings I have embraced, the fire has been the greatest teacher. He is NEVER afraid to dance. He will not  be contained. But if you respect him, he will share his light, warmth and beauty. Today, my other favorite teacher showed up, the rain. She cut in, and danced the tango with the fire. They are a mysterious duo. Whatever bit of ego the fire can not burn up, the last bit of ourselves struggling to survive and feel like we are important, the rain then washes away.
And we are left, as we came in. Simply Love.

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