From Maiden to Mother:Practical Crafts

I think one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves is the time to grieve. Otherwise, the beauty that surrounds us on all sides is tarnished to an extent because the weight in our hearts is pulling us down and we can’t be in the moment. There is much to grieve about. I am ever grateful to have a place directly on Earth to do so. The inipi ceremony to me is such a precious gem. It is so sacred that I don’t quite have the language for it, nor do I necessarily feel inspired to talk about it to others. Only to recognize that having a space to put down our worries is so important. I’m not one to criticize so much, as I have learned that you never can judge another person for you are not walking in their shoes. Unless one is psychic, there is no way to tell the lack of love, the pain, the bad upbringing that another person has had that makes them act the way they do. I can only ever really work on myself. But I will say, that it does annoy me when people are criticized for how they grieve. Don’t even get me started on the slack that President Obama got for crying about CHILDREN DYING!  in these absurd mass shootings. It is something that I cry for as well. Pointless death of innocents makes me sad.

I think because I do allow myself the space for this, like lying in bed for ten hours yesterday and watching David Bowie interviews, movies and music videos, all that weight is lifted. You almost have to go all the way to the bottom of it before the drain is unplugged and you can fill up with joy and light again. Some people are afraid to do this, but I am more afraid not to. As I don’t want that pent up emotion materializing into illness. In the sweat, the grandfather and grandmother stone people are the ones that listen and diffuse the pain. But a listening ear, the ocean, a hike….there are other ways to quietly let our sadnesses free. The deepest question I have that I still have not completely felt fulfilled in having answered is why such heavy burdens are given to those who don’t seem deserving of it. I have studied spirituality, buddhism, and understand a bit about the quantum field. And no universe, I am NOT asking to be burdened. Only to understand WHY . I do think a lot of the cancer that is occurring now is due to the collective consciousness being asleep at the wheel. Actually at all times, I believe that bucket of light and that bucket of dark is balanced…and we choose which one to gather our light from. So while there are so many strides towards being a better human race, and people genuinely seem kinder in ways,the Earth is suffering and we aren’t doing enough and it is making our planet sick and therefore ourselves.

Oh crap, sorry, I am going to get off my soap box as my intention was to talk about crafts!!!

I guess my point is! That Imbolc is a time of year I allow for my friends to bring both their sadnesses and their joys to my table and share it through poetry. But I have been adopting other “ritual” so to speak for the evening and I find that creating with other people is so healing! Even just a meal. I am pretty simple. I just got a phone last year. I am naughtily addicted to Facebook, but I don’t do pinterest, instagram and all those other things, as I can’t give up any more of my time. So I figure I will share these ideas and if even only a few people adopt them, I will have at least shared and have these memories down for my daughter.

So since I just went on a lecture and I am now running out of time before my children start circling me like wolves for lunch, I am going to make this a simple list:


Make a collaborative meal with friends. I like rolling spring rolls, or have everyone bring an ingredient for something like tuna nicoise.

2. 1928242_58300513570_5381864_n.jpg

Order a candle making kit and roll them with friends, light them and state an intention for the light. Light and fire is a really wonderful way to represent the Divine. Even atheist can recognize that we need light to survive, and that it can be honored and represent the love that abides within us.

3. 168982_10150098733293571_7008677_n.jpg168072_10150098733618571_5387485_n.jpg11000266_10153118961778571_5616434275207549186_n.jpg

Ask your friends to make a tarot card. I love the tarot for guidance. There is  a great website that makeyourownplayingcards that has a set up for tarot. I made my own personal deck with photos of friends and Brigit on the front. I think it is a fun way to play around with your unconscious mind and learn how to bring it forward into consciousness.

4. You can read my other posts about making altars/tarot, but I find that having a small altar at gatherings really helps to ground the energy. Here is one of mine and you can see that I take those old make-up compacts and make them into traveling altars. Some people get their panties in a wad if you touch their stuff. To others it may just be a rock or a feather, but to the creator of the altar it might signify something much deeper. So it is always a good idea to ask. Me personally, I have no problem with my friends interacting with my altars. I trust that only their good energy will be imbibed. But I have heard some crazy stories and people’s things getting infested with bugs and stuff…Just F.y.i.DSCN3130.jpg

5.Set a beautiful table!  The best thing I ever learned from Martha Stewart. Always have your table set before the first guest (2).jpgimbolctable1.jpg

6. Have guests bring a poem written on found pieces of nature, and then let everyone take home a piece. So if they write the verses divided on ten pieces and there are ten guests who do the same, everyone will go home with a beautiful and original poem that they can interact with.imbolcbounty1photo (1)7. Write a collective poem by writing a line and then covering everything except the last word…and then passing to next person to write

Our collectiveness and other thoughts

Being together, wanting more, wanting less
creates in us an implosion

sparkling geodes of wandering thoughts

of you when we were young
and loose-i will always love

To Love, to be loved, to love, to be loved
to love, to be loved, to love, to be loved

I feel loved by all these beautiful and wonderful 
ladies came to our house for Imbolc.
It is a wonderful feeling.

It was written in the heavens long before you or me
we are here together and we are one.
We are the color, the light, the texture, the wonder of LOVE.

There is heart between the two
love is true, horses running into light,
It is within our Flight.

She glides along the earth,
head and spirits in the clouds.
We all scramble to keep up,
to learn. to glimpse the world through her eyes.
Fairy Cheri, you possess such magic 
and share such Love.

the magic of sisterhood
the nucleus of our community
I am grateful for it

(something something…words got ripped off the paper)

8. My all time favorite craft was making crowns with everyone. It is actually really easy. You only need floral wire and either fresh or fake flowers.1798656_10152190863788571_943081973_n.jpg9.Um , fireworks are always fun. Not so great for the environment so we only use them on very special occasions. This one looks like a sperm sending all of our intentions to the ethosphere.1238141_10152214472938571_700849717_n.jpgOkay, I hear the kids opening up the kitchen cabinets. So I am going to push send now. But  I can’t say enough that no matter what the craft or the gathering purpose, it is wonderful to turn all the sadness and grief into something beautiful. That way all the things that are lost are honored and remembered.

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