While the last leaves are clinging to the beauty of these golden days, my nesting impulses are in full force. I am on the 12th day of a two week cleanse. So as I sweep away the cobwebs, I am also cleaning internally. I think what I really wanted last night was to sit around a fire and think on my lost loved ones. But I finally motivated myself to go and be in the company of my wonderful friends. I am so blessed to have the close relationships to a bevy of beautiful souls. But even they didn’t quite fulfill my need, as I believe the need was to be in stillness.

I will fulfill that need after writing this blog by starting an outdoor fire and being with that element, the wind, the sunshine. I will remember the ones who all came before me, stepped foot on the beloved Mother. Those who loved, who fought, who grew, or remained stagnant–but those who without which I would not have credence of being alive. Their bones now are deep in the womb of this Mother Planet, and if they could whisper, I believe they would be saying, “Live! Live your life to the fullest, Appreciate all that you have! Love deeply.”

During my peace lessons, we discuss emotions a lot, how helpful they are to help us navigate through life. What a powerful thing anger is.. a wonderful motivator to take action. Or what better way to praise our departed by grieving for them?

So yes, while I believe that Peace is the answer, that the tragedy of so many lives lost due to war is at an endless well of tears, I still honor those who risk their lives to fight for something they believe in. Truly the ultimate sacrifice one can give is their very own life.

Thank you to all my Veteran forefathers and currently sisters and brothers who fight for our freedom. I truly pray that as we evolve globally there will be no more need for war.

Here is  a memory and a  letter to Grandmother Berta Grove from 2007. I hope she is now enjoying the company of the thunder beings who spoke to her.

Hello and Good Morning,

The sun is sleeping yet but I am awake and inspired to share that I had the pleasure of sitting up with your son Junior at the Walk of the Warrior meeting in D.C. It was a great honor to be there. Even though I am hoping it is the last meeting for that prayer if God sees it fit to answer quickly. It would be a great beginning for healing, and a day of acknowledgment to have a Native American Veteran’s Day.

But in a way, it could be nice to see that prayer continue to grow. It was very powerful for me to sit in a tipi in such a political place. There were many curious people and I think it is a great benefit to Americans to see that our Native people are indeed alive. It seems sometimes that this country has written your people off to mythology. I loved seeing the delight in the children’s eyes to even see a real tipi. It is how it should be. How wonderful it was to be there when people from all over the world were remembering their warriors.

To be honest, I am not very political. But walking around the capitol, seeing the beautiful architecture, the free museums, I realized there is such potential for the hearts and minds of mankind. And I really thought about veterans, ALL of them, not just ours. I never really had any type of grasp on what it means to loose a human being to war. It is tragic.

What I want is for us to find a way to get it right. I really tried to stay focused and hold space for that prayer in the tipi. I feel very blessed in my own life. I feel close to Creation. She touches me directly in my heart and shows me that I can raise my own son and daughter as warriors of peace. And yet still a tremendous sadness comes to me for those who don’t know that. For all the people that are teaching their children to only take for themselves.

In the morning time, when we got out of the tipi…I think for a lot of people they feel a lot lighter after setting down some of their pain into the fire. They have been focused and get a lot of grief out, and it feels good to pray with the medicine.

I’m just not that way. I have things I can’t help but do. I have to first find the sun and say good morning, and then wait for the birds to visit. I found a tree and thought to myself, THIS, this tree is the Greatest MONUMENT. She lent me here life force, assured me that she was there before and will be there after the time it takes us to get things figured out. She let me rest against her and helped me to let go of all that I was keeping in during the meeting as not to take too much attention on myself. She let me say I am Sorry and Thank you. I weep now just thinking of that love.

i was able to take a little walk then and walked over to the 1,000 flags they had to remember our Vietnam Veterans. It was still very early in the morning and not a lot of people were outside yet. So I just walked into the middle of all of this flags and put my forehead on the ground and covered myself with a blanket. I asked God, “Why? Why have we gotten things so wrong?” And the earth held me tight and I could feel her response. She has taken all the world’s fallen soldiers into her bosom and through them she creates more life. She is all Compassion. This is what we have forgotten. I asked God to stay a little moment longer with me there. I felt him/her all around me. But then some guy started taking photos of me which I have to say is a major buzz kill when having such an intimate moment.

God willing people will start to get it right and fight for the right things. Not to say that anyone is right or wrong as it is a relative term. It just seems to me that clean water and air and a decent education should be a birth right, and yet so many humans lack those things. When did we become so focused on the material that we could turn a blind eye to those in need?

Oh here i have gone off on my soap box. The reason I am writing you is to tell you that I heard your recordings in the Native American Museum. I think they did a really nice job and I enjoyed it very much. It shared the elegance of the native American culture and was very honest. How one couldn’t mourn the loss of so many talented people and all of their knowledge is beyond me. But I could hear you there, hear your teachings.

Maybe it was your son’s presence that made me think upon you. What a wonderful mother you must have been. I thought of my own mother and her story of you. I know she had a bad experience with you. I think there were lessons to be found for the BOTh of you from her visit. I don’t share her hard feelings.

As I mentioned my impulse is to first greet the sun, the birds and the trees to continue to use the force of the medicine while it is flowing through my blood stream, to ALLOW myself to experience the profound love that it has, I am always drawn to the most beautiful thing..nature. But after sitting up with you in the gardens, I thought you were the most beautiful thing and so we sat and chatted for a most delicious hour.

Good morning again to you dear Bertha today and every day.

Love, Cheri

Bertha could be very stern as a teacher, but I think about her today and remember that as deeply as her pain and anger flowed through her veins an equally powerful river of love was there.

Hug those you love… matter what their faults they will not be here forever.


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