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P1040615With the summer solstice coming what better way to celebrate the longest day of the year than to spend it with your children making fairy houses? And even if you don’t have children, it is a really fun project. The best thing about making fairy houses is that they then have a place to come stay and visit (and there is no expense for materials).

All one needs is access to the outdoors and an imagination. We have made houses out of only leaves and sticks to more elaborate shelters. Not all of us can live in the amazing town of Austin where when I last visited I made this fairy house with my bestie and left it as a gift for our hostess. You can basically pick out all the materials and have a REALLY enthusiastic guy drill a hole in any planter of your choice AND get coffee at your down town gardening store.

P1040617 P1040625

Where I live in upstate New York, or at least north of the city, where it is very rural, we have an abundance of nature. My daughter and I have been celebrating fairies for her whole life: fairy parties, fairy houses, fairy offerings, fairy tea parties. And with her birthday coming up tomorrow and so close to the solstice where the veil between the magical world of fairies and humans is at its thinnest….yes, they have shown up for us.


This simple fairy house had become a collection of nest and found objects from our walks. Funny enough either some fairies are playing tricks on us as we have been finding nests and feathers in the yard lately or a very strong bird has decided he would save himself some work.


Once, for one of my book club choices I had my friends read Faery Tale by Signe Pike…

Hey Ladies.
I might be jumping the gun.
But I’m hung over, and useless, except to toy around on the email.
For those of you who are going to take the journey of Signe’s utterly funny book, there is a large part of the story that I would like to share, a forward so to speak. But first, here is a quote about the book from one of my all time favorite’s..
 “Pike’s enchanting journey into the land of the faeries is more than a memoir; it’s an earnest search for what is real in a world that is filled with illusion, and what is true in a world that is filled with falsehood. It makes you smile, and it makes you think….” 
— Marianne Williamson
     Many of you know me as a wine guzzling, weed pulling, type A personality and some of you have been near when the magic touches my life. But it is often when I am alone, or out of my everyday element when enchanting memories happen in my life. For my own little  bit of memoir, before the fates bring Signe and I together, our time is Tulum was certainly one I keep in my bag full of magical moments. I met Signe through a goddess retreat I participated in with Raven Keyes. I took a reiki training course with Raven, and fell in love with her absolute open way of living her life dedicated to the feminine, the goddess and love. So when I found out she was taking a group of women down to Tulum for a goddess workshop, I happily joined in. Mostly a nature loving, neo-pagan buddhist, I wasn’t totally embracing of worshiping Isis, but I figured I would go along with it, and I even made an Isis doll infused with lavender to bury and offer.
I was amazed to see on the email list of women going to Tulum, one of my best friends from high school that I had completely lost touched with. We have Raven to thank for reuniting us. CHLOE!!!!!
While we were in Tulum, I don’t know if it was because of the mellow breezes, I didn’t understand quite how important our time was there. Raven’s friend was very ill, and another women’s sister.
We spent much of our time praying for them. Here is an excerpt from the email I sent to everyone…
I just wanted to express that I am now back into the thick of mothering and working and the mundane day to day…. and I look back at our time in Tulum almost as a dream.
At the time, I felt really happy to be there but it didn’t really feel like anything that profound was really happening to me. But in retrospect, knowing that the two people that we really prayed for have passed on, I realize how important our prayers, singing, laughter and drumming were.
I have been told that in ancient Egypt, I was a person who would prepare people spiritually for death.. almost like a hospice nurse…and my husband Darryl would prepare the bodies after death with markings and such.
But it seems to me, that it is the living who most need aid in filling the grief at the center of losing a loved one. And what we did in Tulum couldn’t have been a more thoughtful and loving farewell to Joshua and Cathy. It was all very much bigger than any One of us.I know in my heart that they are in a good place. My love goes out to all of Cathy’s and Joshua’s loved ones.
(And part of Raven’s response…
 I miss Joshua so much, but he has been around. We had the baby blessing yesterday, and he came. When he came to Korinna, I was upstairs with Renee, and at that very moment, I burst into tears because I missed him so much. It’s great that he’s in Spirit, but it’s also so different not to be able to hear his voice and feel his arms around me and to really hear his laughter. Joshua is one of the happiest people I’ve ever known. He asked me on the Friday after he passed to please do a distance healing session with him, which I did the other day finally. It was sooooo amazing! He has wings, Cheri, you were so right! He IS an angel! And that’s only the first part of what transpired. I want to thank you for your sweet love and your wise words when we were in Tulum. You have no idea how much you helped me to get through that difficult time.)
I joked with her at the time that the spiritual feeling of being so present in each moment was fading as quickly as my tan..And yes, these sweet, moments of friendship come and go.But the reason I write now, and share all of this with you, is simply to express the importance of giving space for grief in our lives.
That was what I got in my meditations when Joshua was dying. Even though I didn’t know him, I had this picture of this huge spirit, that was just ready to leave us. I saw him being
wrapped, and paddled across the river into the foothills of heaven, and I expressed all of this to Raven.
We are all getting older, and there will come a time when we start loosing more and more loved ones. And I want each and everyone of you to know as well,that there is space here, next to me, there is an ear here, there is a heart and arms to embrace…if any of you ever need it.
A lot of the magic is there just waiting for us to ask for it, through joy and sorrow.
Okay, I REALLY need to go put my friggin laundry away now.

This is not just a story about fairies, rather it is Signe’s story about loosing her father at a young age and how she manages to find the miraculous despite her loss. I can’t even pretend to understand the heartache at missing the presence of one’s father.
But I must say between watching Matilde skipping from the playground, usually singing…my old friend Chloe, who is a world traveler and painter of fairies, and  Signe…I have total faith in these magical women and the ability to transform sorrow into something beautiful.

P.S.S. Signe and I’s day trip to do some detective work about Los Aluxes ended up in the book…

I ended up having a twofer book club and birthday party for my daughter where the goody bag was a started kit for fairy house building. Nothing cuter than a bunch of little girls running mourned dressed as fairies.


While it is fun to create the houses and have them around awaiting their miniature sized guests, this particular project is all about your intention. Maybe your creation won’t make it onto the cover of Martha Stewart but if you create a wee sized dwelling and open your eyes to what is beneath our feet, the beauty of fireflies, the sound of the pileated woodpecker in the trees, morning dew, the exquisiteness of flowers…the magic will begin to unfold from itself and you too may become a lover of fairies who are the guardians of it all.



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