White Eagle


White Eagle had not been named.

A warrior, strong and regal,

bright like the sun, he came.

He sat beside us,

ancient languages spoken,

and my heart was hushed,

listening to love awoken.

Fire burning into night.

Fire burning into dawning.

Heal our pain with loving light,

Deliver us into morning.

The water he shed blessing all relations

whispered that I had been dead

but was reborn into Creation.

My sister sat, a moment afraid.

Until he lent her his feathers.

Her new Home now was made,

her freedom, no longer tethered.

Fire burning into night,

Fire burning into dawning.

heal our pain with loving light,

Deliver us into morning.

Alive, I closed my eyes

and heard the elders singing.

Feeling golden, I realized

they sat before us mingling.

Surrounded by such gentle men,

princesses we became.

To be seen by Bill, Pete and Ken

we were never again the same.

He departed with a sacred gift,

to heal her beauteous sorrow.

Enabling her flights adrift,

baby eagle of our tomorrow.

Fire burning into night,

Fire burning into dawning,

heal our pain with loving light

Deliver us into Morning.

Feature photo of my beautiful sister by a Christmas fire we had one year. Lani, Rebecca and Teressa’s girls getting blessed by road men and my feathers. “White Eagle” was written after my first NAC ceremony in 2006. If it wasn’t for the graciousness of my friend Rebecca, I never would have never of met Uncle Bill. He ran a meeting for her daughter and it was the first one I had experienced since many, many moons ago in Texas. While deeply connected to nature, I can’t say I was very familiar with prayer. Real Prayer in which you can feel one communicating to something higher than themselves. Prayer that brings tears to the eyes even when spoken in another language because you can feel the sincerity if not understand the words. So I was sitting next to this big Navaho guy named Pete. And there is a time when everyone is invited to pray together so that it is ONE prayer. I sat there awkwardly and was like, “Ummmm. Dear…..Creator?, bless my family…..thank you…oh, and ummm. peace on Earth. Thank you.” Meanwhile, Pete just kept praying and praying and praying and praying in Navaho! I gave up on my inexperience and just listened to him. Listened as if God was listening with compassion and love. Teressa had started her moon during the ceremony and even though we were newbies, we had been told that mooning women were not meant to sit up. I would come to understand the whys later. My white feminist American side was kind of offended by this at first. But truly our first people understood this moon time to be a ceremony in and of itself. That combined with the other energies can be too overpowering for some. There are road men that have special medicines for mooning women so they can kind of neutralize that energy so that it doesn’t effect the men in order that they can be more present with Creator. Also to protect the mooning women themselves. It is always better for us females to speak to an elder woman if we have any questions about any ceremonies we plan on participating in..get the Low Down. Anyhow, Pete handed Teressa his GORGEOUS fan to hold and pray with and that seemed to help her worry less. Teressa and I brought our friend Lani for the first time as well, and Pete gave her a baby eagle feather.

In my “Water Girl” poem the line Sunshine was named refers to Pete. He has a big round face and huge smile. So I nicknamed him Sunshine. Sunshine and I have been out of touch for the past few years, but I will always be grateful to him for helping me fall in love with my church. He also accompanied my mother and I down to the medicine gardens one year. Another story involving lots of menudo, prayer, laughter and trouble….


One Comment on “White Eagle

  1. Love this and love you so very much! It was such a special meeting and another incredibly beautiful moment we have shared on this life’s road.


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