Thank you


I really can’t say how many tears I have shed for Mother Earth.
At least a cup full at Machu Picchu,
a fairy rain shower in the gardens where the medicine grows,
there was the time for the polar bears and their
farther stretches for food.
My eyes were most swollen in an imaginary graveyard marked
by flags for each fallen soldier who lost their life for
what I am still trying to understand.
I may have even moaned along with her at Enchanted Rock,
echoing her longings.

But today, a smile through the knowing
that she was refreshed in those small offerings of pain.
Pain so deep that it was never about me,
only about what we don’t see all around us every day.

In exchange for our understanding, she sends me gifts.
Deers starring boldly into me, hawks mating in a sacred spiral,
the wild bunny getting closer every day.
And moreover, the most beautiful friends.

The profound sadnesses paved a bright future
for myself and my family. And now we lack nothing.

A birthday thank you from 2010, but I feel the same way today.

the greatest gift I can give is to thank this magical universe my home and all of my loved ones in it for filling my heart to bursting. Happy Birthday Dear Spring.  All of the new Life is coming soon.


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