Beautiful Prayer Meeting for the Children

 Sadly, I really can no longer drink more than 2 glasses of red wine. Beer, white wine, no problem. Red wine=headache.
So today, I’ll share about the beautiful prayer meeting we had last summer for the children. It fills my heart to remember all the love that was present there and makes my head hurt less. My dear friend CC took care of praying behind the water for the children and she did such a beautiful job. It was extra special that her daughter and grand daughter were also present,
along with my children and a few of their friends who were unaccompanied by their parents. It made me so happy to see my son looking after my daughter’s friend and making sure she was comfortable through the night. Usually the children just sleep through most of the church services, but not for this meeting. I had the most beautiful baby boy directly across from me and I pretty much would have adopted this baby if someone would let me. But luckily he was with his very doting father.
He stayed up most of the night looking at the fire and making cute baby noises. Here he is finally sleeping next to my buddy Matt.
While my husband is one of the most supportive men I know, the Native American Church is not really his cup of tea. He did however sit with me in the sponsor’s seat for this prayer. When it came time for the main smoke at midnight he reached into his pocket and put his reading glasses on. I’m thinking what the? But then he read advice from children to children and the lightness and laughter were perfect in that moment…
Some of the ones I remember are, if you want a horse, start out by asking for a puppy. Never squat if you are wearing spurs.
Never trust a dog to watch your food.
The thing I find amazing is how Nature supports all the prayer meetings we have here, whether through the rain, or what animals come around. A bear was seen the night of the prayer against the power lines. We have nesting eagles not far from our house, so it is not uncommon to see them. For the last sweat lodge we had about ten eagles flying over head…I know it sounds cray, but it is true! Most of the them were immature eagles and they seemed to be warring with a crowd of crows.
I tried to take a photo of all the eagles but they came out as faint back dots. I did catch this little fawn that was living by our tipi grounds during the children’s meeting.
Okay, sorry, my headache s coming back! Here are two emails. The first was the invitation to the meeting and the second was after the ceremony was over.
If anyone is reading this, just be thankful that you don’t have a headache right now. And remember to hug a child soon.
Hello Relatives,
 As a teacher and a mother, it has been my observance that children are more connected to Creation. It is generally the lack of love and support, or over control of our children that somehow stymie children from following their own innate guidance systems, where they then become more ruled by fear of looking bad. I am guilty, we are all guilty of not taking the time to BE with children, to teach children by taking the time to share our stories and mythologies. Most importantly, we have to teach by example, and so how can our children love and accept themselves, when so many adults do not.
I care so very deeply for our Mother Earth.I am moved by her essence. I don’t just want to leave the world a better place, I want to teach my children to take responsibility as well to be care takers of the Mother Earth. I’ve made my own children bring cans home from restaurants to make sure they get recycled etc.. We have started discussing need versus want and the consequence of buying material things…I am trying for myself as well to spend my money more on experience and knowledge rather than more stuff. I believe children can’t and won’t take care and love the macrocosm of the Earth that is them, if they can not love the microcosm of their own selves.
My prayer is for the children to hold onto that glorious innocence and natural state of love that they are born into and from. Maybe this next generation won’t have to suffer in order to learn gratitude. I have known almost heartbreaking gratitude for my life and for God. Literally, my heart feels as if it will burst at times. I feel incredibly blessed that the experience of God’s grace comes relatively easy. While some lessons are hard, I don’t believe they all have to be hard. Our children can remember their light and they can, through their immense capacity to love, heal this broken planet. 
Of course it all goes deeper and blossoms more beautiful when God is invited in prayer and through appreciation to join the party. And so it is my wish to have a children’s meeting for these up and coming caretakers. 
I have hosted many meetings here at my house. Many powerful and extraordinary prayers have been dreamt of and manifested here. I am ever grateful to even have a space in which to celebrate Creation through, in my humble opinion, it’s most beautiful medicine. I have ALWAYS had an open door policy when it comes to prayer meetings.
 And if people judge me or feel excluded or anything other than the love that I want to be expressed for my children, the Earth and All the Earth’s children than I apologize for that.
 Within this church community, there is no doubt that many people would love to share in the prayer for our children.
 But what I would love, more than anything, is that I am given some space to invite my friends and loved ones that I would personally enjoy sharing this prayer with. I want there to be physical space for the children to snuggy up and soak in a beautiful prayer for them. I have not brought my children to meetings due to lack of space and for this one I don’t want anyone to feel that way….so again at the risk of somehow sounding exclusionary, I am requesting that you bring your children, and if you are on this email invite and don’t have children or your children are grown, bring your inner child! But the only way I can figure that we put the children first, is to let go of needing to invite more adults.
For me the church is another microcosm of life…how we treat it, how we are in it and around it, is how our lives will be. If it takes NOT inviting the entire village so that children can have space to be included in the magic, so they can absorb directly the vibrations, and also share their own, I see no fault with putting children first at times. Just like we sometimes have to put ourselves first and we sometimes have to put our elders first.
I take the time to express all of this because as someone who holds many gatherings on my property, I almost always somehow unintentionally hurt someone’s feelings. 
It is simply my intention that for this particular meeting children be given priority as it is prayer for them.
Thanks for considering aiding me in a prayer for our children, thanks for understanding my concerns and desires, thanks for being a beautiful human being.
Happy Spring..God bless all seeds, especially the young ones.

Hello Relatives,

I decided to share with all of you who knew about or were present at the children’s meeting last Saturday. As I mentioned during the meeting, I had thought about having the service specifically for my son and daughter Kai and Sati, but my awareness has been more towards how we are all connected and it felt right to have the prayer for all children. Considering there are thousands of abuses every day towards children of the world< I encouraged everyone present to heal their own inner child in order that we could all move forward with greater awareness. Before the meeting, Creation was showing up in such beautiful ways….the baby deer, the torrential rainfall that happened a few nights prior to the meeting in order to keep us connecting to the stars, flying squirrels jumping over the sweat, a rainbow over the tipi site even without any rain, fox, hundreds of fireflies….
Ken, Matt, Darryl, my new friend Shawn, Jake, made the set up of the tipi so easeful, my women friends contributed nourishing food. 
When we got settled into the tipi we were all comfy and suddenly about ten more people showed up, including three little people under two. They had all been at the prayers for world peace that day and so were a bit late, but having the energy of their children completely made the ceremony for me. Including having the love of children whom I know and adore, these little ones added their magic and purity to the prayer and helped us all out in a deep way.These guests also sang in their native language of Spanish and the beautiful native tongues of Mexico and Columbia.
I do believe we are all the sons and daughters of Creation, and as CC mentioned, we also possess the abilities that creation has…We can put forth beauty.
We can live in that purity again simply by allowing for it. Take some time, find a beautiful spot, breathe in….it is that simple really.
 About 8 years ago, my Uncle Bill asked me to pray over the morning water for the first ceremony I had on this property. I told him that it seemed there were so many more qualified women than myself. He answered that what he was looking for was the innocence that I could bring as a newbie so to speak. Besides actually giving birth, and out of many extraordinary moments in my life, I still hold that memory as the most sacred of my life, especially as while I was praying my daughter awoke and came
over to me and started nursing. I’ve heard Uncle Bill, my Uncle Jake, and others speak of the importance of this innocence. That our children are closer to Creation because they possess the innocence that they bring into the world. The truth is, we all do. It is not something that we ever loose, it only gets hidden because we are taught that way.
A few hours ago,,,I wanted to take a photo of the rock that I received from my goddaughter Seraphina to send to her. I had placed the rock on the sweat wall. It was lucky I had my camera, because to come full circle, the baby fawn showed up again. She is living by the sweat lodge, lending her innocence (no, not her lyme ticks).
Whether you made it to the meeting or not, I encourage all of us to do this meditation. Imagine your self as a child and tell that inner child how much you love it, parent it the way you may have wanted, tell him or her that you are sorry for all the hurt and then integrate that healed child back into your being.
Because I literally and metaphorically held the prayer in my hands for a long while (all good!! there was energy that had to be taken care of first), I didn’t take the time to express my gratitude for my helpers,,,but that will continue to come towards them for as long as I live. 
Much Love,
 My favorite twins playing near our Koi Pond in the morning.

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