If I could clone my Husband

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(corn dollies of Darryl and I made by my niece)

I’ve only recently opened up about the things I love, here to you now.  I think perhaps the little girl in me somehow feels almost apologetic for having so much. So much love when so many have so little. But the woman I am also wants to sing praises to that LOVE. To recognize it and be thankful to it as the precious jewel that it is.

My sister is one of my best friends. I  am also her assistant teacher. We spend a lot of time together. But if you were to ask her or any of my closest friends how many times I have spoken about the love for my husband and children, they may say, “Not often.”

It is kind of like talking about God. The love I feel for them is untouchable and therefore impossible to put into words. I know that I am a good person by the mere fact that my husband loves me. I have had more than one friend’s husband or boyfriend complain to me how often they hear, “Why can’t you be more like Darryl?!”

The truth is, I am not sure any of us can. I think my friend Nathaniel described Darryl the best when he said, “No matter how tired, or overworked Darryl is, he will always try and be as completely present with you as possible.” It is true that he works really long hours in the same job that he has had for 17 years. He doesn’t believe in complaining and so he persists for myself and my children. He doesn’t get involved in pettiness (even when I get tipsy and forget my manners) . He loves children and has built a zipline in our back yard. He is truly the sweetest being that I know AND he has a good sense of humor. He has allowed my mother to live with us for 10 years and recently bought her an apartment to live in. He helps strangers, often.

See, even now, I feel like I am selling my husband’s amazing character traits. I could go on and on, but I will stop there!!

And talk about sex instead…

Or maybe not.

I am simply blessed to still be friends and lovers with this man that I have known for over half my lifetime…23 years …17 of those years, having an example of a person next to me who is all heart. And so with lack of time to write something new for this week, I return to a poem I wrote for my hubby in 2007. I declare to the world my love for you.

(even though he just walked through the room and told me not to write anything about him in my blog)

I can’t help it, he is my Valentine….

my awakening happened early

I don’t remember the exact moment

suddenly, life spoke to me

the wind caressed my body

shaping form into prayer

you were the only one

who could distract

my gaze away

long enough

to forget the brilliance of the sun

you became that which consumed me

I believed you to be my Adam

my only desire

to complete myself through you

we had the youthful love

of never ending hours

but when all the colors

of such a vibrant passion


they fade to black.

How would my heart

have survived our break up

if it were not for the rain

accepting all of my waters

of all the times

we spoke of eternal love,

the stars heard us,

and brought us back together

my love is no longer burning

there is no fear of embedding myself

in its embers

now we have offspring

a house

to contain us

our love does not attempt

to devour itself

within the constant

rediscovery of our roots

our branches reach new heights

and the only danger now

is falling

into the soft green


(Thank you Stars!)



One Comment on “If I could clone my Husband

  1. How wonderful to have found your soulmate so early in life. I only found mine after much trial and error and it was such a deep and joyful relief. Somewhere, long ago, I developed a fear of tempting the evil eye, so I will say no more…


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