message received

P1040811 For the past several years, I have become adept at spotting raptors both alive and dead. Of course, I much would rather see them in all their winged glory whether still in a tree, or soaring overhead. For the ones that have been hit by cars, I like to lay them to rest in the ground with an offering of tobacco. This is how I honor the joy they bring to me. The first owl I found was the day after my mother’s brother passed away. I saw him as I went to check the mail at the end of my driveway. Since then, and especially within the last two years, I have spotted so many dead owls that it has become a concern. I attend Native American church, and as one of my Navaho friends put it, “If you show up anywhere with owl feathers where there are Natives gathered, they are all going running.”

My other adopted navajo Uncle helped me by assuring me that owls in and of themselves are not bad. But it is true that some people know how to send them as messengers of death. Which of course, would not be something to play around with. There are others who know the sacred songs to sing to the owls and they can also be used to fight death.

I don’t know any of the songs and have thought to myself that I am not ready to hold such grave medicine. And while I haven’t been scared for myself or my loved ones, there have been too many owls to not know there is a message for me. I was sharing with my Uncle every time i would find another owl. He has so much knowledge and I was looking for him to give me the message. What he said is, “Not only the birds but every tiny microscopic bacteria has a purpose and reason for God’s creation.  This is the main reason why we go back to the Creator of these creatures, and request we receive nothing but good from them.  If you treat them with love and respect, you will definitely get ten folds back.  God is love, without God it is like being in the middle of a desert without water. so is love.”

I will have to go into the depths of sorrow and loss for my Uncle Bill another time. Suffice it to say that I believe that Jake was sent into my life by the angels not only to help me process the grief of loosing my Uncle Bill, but to literally fill in that space. Jake has done a beautiful job representing an elder man whose generosity is the largest that I know. Even so, I kept feeling there was more of a specific message for me, other than to only honor the birds. I know in my heart that I do honor them.

I have complete faith that all answers to questions that we ask will be revealed to us in time. They are important for this reason. I have learned how to trust my instinct and intuition but every once in awhile, i still need clarity on things. I have found an amazing tarot reader (again form ETSY) readingsbyM. I even reached out to her about the owls.

Part of her response was “Alternately, if you don’t currently feel blocked or anything similar, this literally may be saying that you need to seek out some alternate means anyway, and actually very well may point toward going to a medium. I was shown here literally a mix that translates as a message from ‘family’ (which may be the broader sense of the term), but could point in the direction of a medium to be sure. So in some ways, this whole message may really be: go to a medium (ha!),which I found also funny and the potential ‘double’ message. But I can tell you that I do think this is indeed about a quite specific message that you’re not getting or haven’t gotten yet rather than, for example, a sign of reassurance or reminding you of something (to name two examples), so at least there is validation for that here I feel. I also believe that it is telling you that something is on the way, so it is a bit of a herald – literally and figuratively. So perhaps we haven’t pinpointed it here for you but hopefully this is helpful as a first step at least!”


My husband found and buried another owl this week. I asked him to tell me where so I could make a tobacco offering. As I prayed for the owl, I declared that i am ready to receive the message. I no longer want to find the dead ones! I want to see them alive and healthy.

Oddly enough for the first time in the past 5 years, our friends whose home we usually go to for New Year’s Eve shifted their gathering to today. All of my close friends met for dinner at our mutual friends restaurant. But for some reason I really wanted to go to our other friend’s party. She always has an AMAZING bon fire and I felt that I wanted to be around this element. This year they caught an enormous swan on fire and through the door of 2014 to burn it up. Besides the 4 guests that we invited, we didn’t know anyone else at the entire party besides the host. Morgan’s graciousness and southern charm and her ability to manage an artist’s residency in her incredible home has always impressed me. And it was great to see her as well. As we were leaving the party, there was a woman there that seemed a bit out of place. She was older, small and had a raspy voice from cigarette damage. She was also dressed very casually and doing some dishes. I started chatting with her and the next thing you know I discover that she talks to dead people: A MEDIUM. Not one that does it for money. But just gifted in that way. SO I decided to ask her if she could tell me the message.

She grabbed my forearms, and so I grabbed hers in return. At least a foot shorter than me, she looked up at me, and both of us got a little swelled up from the emotion flowing. She had a bit of a hard time speaking. She said, “You know owls are messengers.” I shook my head yes, slightly nervous that she was about to tell me one of my loved ones was about to kick the bucket. She continued to explain that they bring us messages from the dead. “Yes, what is the message?” I asked a little impatiently. “They want you to know….the message is….that….THEY ARE AT PEACE AND YOU ARE AT PEACE.”

For all of you who have lost a loved one, this is the message. THEY ARE AT PEACE AND YOU ARE AT PEACE. It made me weep a little to finally hear and understand that. The weight has been lifted from my shoulders. May it be lifted from yours. THEY ARE AT PEACE> YOU ARE AT PEACE>      Happy New Year from the greenestjewel



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