From The Elder Goddess Warrior Woman (Geez….)

Yup that’s what Cheri calls me.

So am I willing to wear that mantle for this (new to me) blogging experience? Sure!

So here goes…

Early December:

I have been on the road for a spell and I suppose that makes me an Elder Road Goddess Warrior Woman. My current and on-going ‘warriorship’ has been focused on saving our precious life giving waters, by attempting to raise awareness, while we sojourn from upstate New York to the Florida Keys.

I reckon that just because I’m away from my comfort zone, that does not mean I’m exempt from mindfulness regarding the planet. I vow to keep my awareness awake during the 5 day drive. (We’re elders so we take our time.)

As we wind our way South I realize that I have become obsessed with rest stops and the wildly extravagant usage of water and paper products. I vow to keep up my vigilance.

I don’t flush after I pee. I DO explain to the next woman following me into the stall that, “there’s a water crisis in our world and certainly in Florida, so please conserve water by not flushing after every single pee.” Man oh man do I get comments, and strange looks. Sometimes, backs are turned to me. And when I add, “and please only use small amounts of toilet paper. You don’t have to wrap the TP around your hand 3 times to blot a few drips,” I get gasps and, “should we call security?”

BUT I am stymied when it comes to those damnable self-flushers that keep flushing all the while you’re attempting to do your business.

Later in December:

Water is sacred and precious. I thank the water coming out of my faucet 1,000 times a day. I bless it and ask it to carry my blessing to all the other waters it touches.

Water has memory. Yes, water has memory.

I’m in the Keys, surrounded by seawater the color of my turquoise ring.

My birthday; a week before Christmas:

My daughter and granddaughter are here in the Keys too. Yowza and Hallelujah, a great gift!

But right up there with best gift is the national announcement that Govenor Cuomo has banned Fracking in NY.


Happy Birthday Jesus. (We probably know the true story about Jesus being born on a different date and the fact that he was middle-eastern, but we’ll let all that go and give this one over.) I’m glad he was born, period. And BTW, we are all born of water. I believe our amniotic fluid is the same saline density as the ocean waters. Hmmmm.

May all beings receive blessings in 2015.                               Onward and Upward. C.C.


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